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Hello and welcome to the Legacy for a Legend site please have a click around the  pages we hope you find the information useful.


Legacy for  Legend was founded in 2012 following the unexpected death of Paul Thompson. After a normal day at work Paul went to football training in the evening with his step-son Eddie. After training for approximately half an hour Paul collapsed having had a sudden cardiac arrest. Unfortunately Paul did not survive.


Defibrillator (AED) Placements

We are using the funds that we raise to place defib's at football pitches and sports grounds around the county. Take a look at the AED page to see what we've been up too.


Legacy Events

On the events page you will find regular, organised events throughout the year. We put on gigs and host an annual ball where you can meet up and catch up with the team or have a chat about other


Legacy Fundraising

funding has also been raised by many other events that have been organised by friends and family. Fundraising is something very special and rewarding and every penny raised is greatly appreciated. Click here to see what we have done so far!!!


2016 - Events Highlights

Please visit the Events page for further info on this years events, Playing for Paul, Legacy Football Tournament, and the Legacy Ball.