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3 Peaks - May 2014

So the time has come to do something challenging in 2014 to raise money for Legacy this year the team has decided to take on the national 3 peaks challenge. So on May the 3rd at 7am Graham, Colin, Rich and Steve will be starting the adventure.

3 peaks

What is the 3 Peaks Challenge?


The challenege is quite simply to walk the tallest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, all within 24 hours, including the travelling between. The mountains are:


Ben Nevis - 4,409 ft, the highest mountain in Scotland and the start point of the challenge.


Scafell Pike - 3,209 ft, the highest mountain in England


Snowdon - 3,560 ft, the highest mountain in Wales and the end point.


Each mountain has its own challenges and its fair to say that none of them are really easier than each other, especially when climbed back to back. Besides the limited time to climb the mountains, one of the other major hurdles to overcome is the travel time between to make sure its all done in 24 hours.

How does it plan out?


one of the most difficult things to do at this time of year is plan the daylight hours. We have opted to try and climb Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike in the light leaving Snowdon to complete in the dark. In the summer months its much easier to plan out due to the longer days and more predictable weather.  


So what will our day look like,


7:00am Ben Nevis, 10miles

11:00am Leave for Scafell


6hrs drive


5:00pm Scafell Pike, 5 miles

9:00pm drive to Snowdon


5hrs drive


2:00am Snowdon, 9 miles

7:00am finish challenge


That is the plan, lets hope it all comes off and we avoid any bad weather or traffic jams. We'll be doing some training soon so we'll get some training photos up. in the meantime we would really appreciate it if you could see your way to sponsoring us via our just giving page below. needless to say we will complete the challenge and we hope in 24hours but i'm sure you wont mind if get snarled up in a jam and go over time, the main challenge is to complete the 3 mountains back to back.

Ben_Nevis_south_face Snowdon_massif 800px-Scafell_Pike

We made it - Total Time = 23 hours and 53 minutes