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Legacy for a Legend is a Named Fund that has been set up in partnership with Oxfordshire Community Foundation in memory of my late husband Paul Thompson.


Paul a devoted father was a healthy, fit and hardworking person. Paul’s main passion was playing bass in 2 local bands and he also enjoyed many sports and activities, especially playing football on regular basis, he loved being part of a team.


Sadly on 17th July 2012 Paul suddenly collapsed during a football training session. Tragically, despite every effort made by both Paul’s football colleagues and Paramedics,  Paul could not be saved. At only 38 years old Paul died from a sudden cardiac event.


Through various fund raising events and activities our main aim is that money raised will also be used within local communities around Oxfordshire for various music and sport related projects.


Our first projects for 2013 and beyond are:


- To work with football clubs to ensure that they are able to assist footballers in a medical emergency on the pitch.

To increase awareness of what to do in an emergency situation. We are offering free Emergency Life Support Skills and CPR training to all teams in the Witney and District League, with a free first aid kit for teams.


- To have an automatic defibrillator available at every game

Defibrillators save lives, we will help teams raise funds to purchase defibrillators, we hope to subsidise their purchase and will provide free training and support in their use.


Many thanks in advance for your support

Nikki Rouse Thompson

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Oxfordshire Community Foundation are the registered charity that hold the fund where the money that we raise goes. We then use the the fund to deliver our aims.


When we were looking to setup Legacy for a Legend, the task of setting up a charity from scratch was pretty daunting. Luckily we were directed towards the Oxfordshire Community Foundation, who have helped us setup  


Click on the logo to visit their website, more information about them is below.


Oxfordshire Community Foundation is absolutely and passionately committed to inspiring and influencing others to think local give local. We raise funds in the Community to support programmes which aim to improve wellbeing in the community. We distribute funds as widely as possible in Oxfordshire and aim to address all types of need.


Oxfordshire Community Foundation vision - To help build thriving communities in a way that leaves a permanent legacy - helping good ideas grow from inception to scale.