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This Sunday the 20th July, Matthew, Paul's brother will be partaking in one of the hardest triathlons "Ironman UK" . The efforts made by Matthew in the last 9 months to reach a good competitive level is both overwhelming and inspiring.


Matthew is partaking as a charity fundraiser, where there are only 500 charity places. To qualify for this he had to enter via one of Ironman UK's designated charities, of which he chose the Rotary  Club Charity Fund Raisers.


All monies raised will be divided equally between the designated Rotary Club Charities, these include the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Air Ambulance. The other half of the monies raised go to Matthews designated charity of which he has chosen "Legacy for a Legend" in memory of his brother Paul.


If you can spare a few pennies to help these worthy causes and show Matthew your support it will be greatly appreciated. Please click on the link below if you wish to make a donation:



Ironman 2014 - Matthew Thompson

MT-IronMan 2014